Max Voltage is a Portland-based violinist, playwright, composer, performer, producer, teacher and entrepreneur.

Current creative projects include Homomentum, a cabaret turned sci-fi/fantasy musical (playwright/songwriter/producer), and the Homomentum spin-off project Turnback Boyz, a time-traveling boyband.  In Turnback Boyz, Max plays Peter Pansy, a glam/punk dandy fiddle player from the future (pictured below)




Growing up, Max and their sibling Devan would put on elaborate performances for their parents and friends, any Holiday was an excuse for a show!

At age 3, Max saw Itzhak Perlman on Sesame Street, and was entranced.  At age 5 Max began violin lessons, studying the Suzuki Method at Marylhurst College. A few years later they joined the Metropolitan Youth Symphony and toured with MYS to Italy and the British Isles. More recent musical adventures include composing and gigging with their loop-station, touring with Chris Pureka, and recording on her albums  "Chimera II" and "Back in the Ring." 

Max entered the world of drag by producing a show at their Jesuit University and creating their first boyband.  Soon-after, Max won the San Francisco Drag King Competition (VIII).  The winning piece included yo-yo choreography and was a duet with their drag queen sibling Devan M (photo below, Left)  After that, Max & Devan formed Ubergay Cabaret, and put together 5 original drag cabarets in Portland, OR, culminating with Jack's Off the Beanstalk, a queer fairy-tale opera, which toured to Washington, DC and New York City (the Slipper Room, 2014.)  (photo below, right)


 After Ubergay dissolved, Max went back to school to learn about producing art via the Business Management program at Portland State University. Post-MBA, make created Pants-Off Productions, a grassroots event-production company, and as Pants-Off, Max produced, MC'd and performed in over 40 cabaret, live-music, dance and theater shows including Freakshow-a-Go-Go, Kick/Ball/Change, Homos Got Talent and the Homomentum Cabaret, which helped to inspire Homomentum the Musical!


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