Homomentum is a sci-fi fantasy musical about a band of intergalactic performers, the Homomentum Players, who travel the universe spreading the gospel of glitter, and crash-land on Metopia, an uber-capitalist, post-earth dystopia. 



Homomentum started as a monthly queer cabaret series that showcased dance, burlesque, music, drag & performance-art, with tons of glitter and ridiculousness at every turn.  (2009-2012). Regular performers included Kaj-Anne Pepper, The Gillicorn Blessing, Felice Shays, Carla Rossi, The Drag Mansion, Pidgeon Von Tramp, Cattitude, CJ & The Dolls, Feyonce, Mr. E, Chi Chi & Chonga, Baby Le'Strange, Leander Star, Devan M, Fannie Fuller, Dori LovesYouAll & Puppetrator X, Glitterfruit, Nandi La Sophia, Billy Coyote and Shazaam.  


Max Voltage, Homomentum's creator/producer/MC, was so inspired by the grassroots art of their community, they decided to write a musical!  With help from Glitterfruit bandmate Riley La Roux, and Max's friend and long-time collaborator Leander Star (pictured as Kirk above) they began writing the soundtrack.

The public's first-ever glimpse of Homomentum was a performance by Max & Riley at the final Homomentum Cabaret show, when they sang the theme song, and announced the project to the community.  After that came a sneak-peak medley at the Portland Center Stage JAW New-Work Festival, July 2012 (see video below).

Post Sneak-Peak, Max got to work writing the rest of the soundtrack, mostly on their ukulele, and took a trip to the Bay Area to perform it as a musical set, at the Dolores Park Cafe and at a house show in the East Bay. Once back in Portland, Max connected with Kim Lundin (pictured together at Opening Night below), who came onto the project as Director.  With Kim's help and their first casting call, a work-in-progress Homomentum was performed at Lewis & Clark college in April, 2013.  This performance featured 13 original songs, and a few scenes leading up to them. 


The full Homomentum script and 21-song soundtrack was performed by a cast of 16 queer, trans and ally pdx artists at CoHo Theater Nov 2013, for a 3-show sold-out run, that was partially supported by a RACC Project Grant.  After that, the cast recorded the soundtrack album, which debuted at The Alberta Rose Theater in May, 2014 (photo below).




"Homomentum is campy, smart, witty as hell, and, most of all, great...it felt like RENT and Moulin Rouge had a queer, gender-less baby. Homomentum: Bright Lights, Big City, Big Hit (Daniel Borgen, PQ Monthly)

"Fabulous... filled with glitter and camp."  Class Warfare Littered With Glitter (Jenna Lechner, Portland Mercury)



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