Turnback Boyz are a time traveling boyband who explore history and empower queers in need.  Turnback Boyz write, banter, dance and sing their way into your heart with songs like Love is Cheesy, Self Made Man, Fool's Gold, Consent is Sexy, Tie it Up and Asstrology. 



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About the Boyz


Left to Right: Oliver Gold, Peter Pansy and Tommy TuGunns


<<< Tommy Tugunns

Birthday: July 3rd, 1940

Favorite Color: Red

Favorite snack: Eggo waffles with peanut butter and cheese

Favorite outfit piece: Jackets!

Describe your perfect date: a Drive-in double feature, and maybe play some back seat bingo.


Peter Pansy >>>

Birthday: Nov 28th, 2051

Favorite Color: Purple

Favorite outfit piece: Vests!

Pet-peeves: Wastefulness and Capitalism

Can't leave home without: My electric fiddle

Describe your perfect date: One where we don't leave the bed.

<<<   Oliver Gold

Birthday: May 3rd, 1820

Favorite Color: Duh, gold

Favorite snack: Stone fruits and Le Croix

Favorite outfit pieces: LEATHER

Can't leave home without: My crystal and gem stone collection




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"The boys turned this queer . . . into a die-hard fan."  Review of Origins Tour, Gay City, Seattle.   

 "Queer Masculinity Embraces it's Feminist Side" Part 1Part 2, PQ Monthly.



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